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We believe in freedom

Last updated by Jens N. on March 20, 2015 11:00

We believe in freedom, so we build SalesKing with connectivity in mind. You should be free to handle your data, enhance SalesKing and implement workflows the way your business needs them.

Running a business today always requires to connect different webservices and data sources. Yesterdays All-In-One solutions like: Shop-systems also being a CRM or Project-systems trying to handle invoicing will never completely fit your companies needs.

Our service let's you design your business by connecting the right tools for the job. Let SalesKing handle your contacts, documents and products and concentrate on your core competence.

Getting Started

GET started now! Simple Browser based walk-through showing the RESTful access to your data. No coding involved.

See our Endpoints and Methods Know everything about REST and just want to see what we have? Explore our API on github.com, which is defined as JSON SChema.

Billing workflow tutorialSteps involved creating and sending an invoice. No coding involved.

Apps on SalesKing Building an app on SalesKing gives you the opportunity to hook into our interface and enhance the users experience without the need to leave the page. If you've already build a facebook app, you should have a pretty easy start.

Core concepts

Authentication How to use oAuth2 to authenticate your app

Permissions Understand our strong Roles & Rights system and learn how to request permissions for your app.

Push Notifications / WebHooks Subscribe to events and we inform your app about created, updated or deleted objects, by pushing to a given url.

Canvas Apps(doc comming) Integrate your app into the SalesKing interface.

API See available resources and how to deal with our RESTful service

Advanced concepts (german)

Templates Our unique template system is the base for customizing and standardizing your communication and workflow.

Placeholder Placeholder's are used within text-based (email, export, feed,..) and pdf-templates.